Cancer Research UK is fighting for a world where no one’s life is cut short by cancer and there is real hope.

Each year their scientists get closer to finding cures. Whether that’s through targeted treatment or simply detecting cancers earlier. As a result they’ve helped double survival rates in just 40 years. Despite these successes one in two of us will still get cancer at some point in our lives. They’ve always said ‘together we will beat cancer’ but the truth is COVID-19 has slowed them down, this is one of the reasons I am proud to support them and have chosen to work alongside them in our adventures at The Lincolnshire Cookery School.

I decided to host a Stand Up to Cancer ‘Bake Off’ competition on the 3rd and 4th July!


3 July – 11-16 Year olds Baking Challenge

This Baking Challenge involved biscuit and cake challenges with Laura Fussy from What_Laura_Bakes announcing our Star Baker. Congratulations to Sophie Vickers who won with her delicious and beautiful cake and biscuits and got to choose any course here at Lincolnshire Cookery School.

4 July – Pork Pie Challenge

This was a sandwich cake and either tin baked pork pie or traditional hand raised pork pie making challenge. The winner, Ann Markillie, who baked a beautiful 2 tier wedding style cake and a traditional pork pie with an added twist of ginger was judged by Steve Hallam, MD of Dickinson & Morris, one of the oldest pork pie bakers in Melton Mowbray and the winner will win a cookery course of their choice here at Lincolnshire Cookery School.